A 3-month programme that empowers neurospicy & inclusive business owners with an explosive brand & visual identity that has people saying, “woooah, they know their sh!t”

So you can work with more £££ clients and cut your hours without cutting your income; freeing up more of your time to focus on the work you enjoy & growing your business.

I’ll work with you on your brand & visual identity to:

🌻 Build your authority online
🌻 Be desired by high-paying leads
🌻 Stand out against competitors in your niche.

We’ll explode personality into your content so you attract ideal clients who ONLY want to work with YOU & repel those corporate robots who can’t take a joke.

Flavour: HOT 🔥 


You’re not like anyone else, so your brand won’t be either. 

We specialise in creating truly unique brands that explode with personality & bombass design, to make you unforgettable! 

Because when you ARE alternative, you give your audience NO alternative but to choose you.

Your brand is the foundation that’ll inform the rest of your business - you need to nail it because it will define you.

Flavour: EXTRA SPICY 🌶️ 


Every colour, font, shape, texture, image, illustration and other visuals you see, are there for a reason. 

You shouldn’t make every choice on personal preference. Instead, each is a strategic decision to reel in your dream client, hook, line and sinker. 

It's not just about how bomb something looks, but also how it's used & why!

We will build visual strategy into the brand process with us. but for existing brands, we also offer an Empower Hour session (incl audits). So you can identify your own visual strategy and how to refine it to increase qualified leads.

Flavour: MEDIUM 🫑 


A lot of work goes into creating your brand, but the process doesn’t end there!

We provide you with the car, but it’s your responsibility to keep it on the road.

Without this lil gem of a rule book, your brand will fall into chaos (think of the fire drill clip in the US Office) because no one will know how to maintain your identity. 

You need everyone who comes into contact with your brand to know ✨exactly✨ how to use it.

Flavour: MILD 🍋 


The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” may be a great metaphor for people... 

But in context of a literal book - that book ain’t selling without a damn good cover! 

Low quality design = low quality services… it’s harsh, and not always true, but it’s what your audience will assume.

We exclusively create high quality designs to match your high quality services, so your audience will have unwavering confidence to invest in you (so get ready to raise those prices, baby!)

With do-it-for-you (DIFY), do-it-with-you (DIWY) templates and consultation services, it doesn’t matter where you are in your design journey… we’re ready to jump in to support you with it all!

Flavour: MILD 🍋  to EXTRA SPICY 🌶️ 


Imagine having illustrated graphics that are styled to your specific brand & created just for you

Sure, you can find some free ones from the internet, but you’ll only bury yourself further into the background. 

Stand out, differentiate your brand & become all the more desirable for it

We include illustrations in the brand process with us, but if you already have a completed brand, we can illustrate some singular assets for you.

From sketches, to digital paintings and vector graphics - the only limitation is imagination.

Flavour: MILD 🍋  to HOT 🔥 

Whilst the illustration style here is digital watercolour, it's just one of the many styles we can do for you.


All design work is created by our Founder, Designer & Visual Strategist, Bethany 


Favourite Brand: Dead Happy (the dark humour, the copywriting, the use of animation... must I go on?)

Favourite Marketing Campaign: Literally anything Aldi or Lewis Capaldi does

Favourite Advert: Costa KISS (2012) or Money Supermarket #EpicDanceOff (2016)

Favourtite Animated Movie: Beauty & the Beast (Disney), Monsters Inc or Brave (Disney Pixar)

Favourite Coffee Order: Pumpkin Spice Frappuchino with coffee


Choose your flavour:


So, you wanna fill up that piggy bank, reduce your hours doing outbound gen & start tasting freedom?

I’ll prep a brand design audit, we’ll discuss biz goals & brand positioning, identify areas for improvement & provide an action plan to craft a visual identity that ✨ SELLS✨

Flavour: MEDIUM 🫑 


This collab by BeBeau Creative & Lauranne Social will turn your profile into a Lead Generation Machine 🔥 

Get a new headline, about section, profile picture, banner, featured cards for your LinkedIn profile - all done for you!

Flavour: MEDIUM 🫑 


You may not have found ✨ exactly ✨ what you need above, but that doesn't mean I can't provide it

So get in touch for all things bespoke brand, unique design & expert consultation! 
The possibilities are endless; the results are explosive

Flavour: MILD 🍋  to EXTRA SPICY 🌶️

💛 It's time to EMPOWER YOUR BRAND with an IDENTITY as UNIQUE as you 💛


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