Have you got hours of your day to be spending editing videos together? 
Yeah… didn’t think so! That’s why I’m your guy

Whether you wanna level up your reels, get creative with subtitles or even inject a lil humour into your content, I’ve got the time to do it all for you

Whilst your competition battles with mobile editing apps, only to create videos that blend in with the rest... you’ll stand out, having disrupted the doomscroll with your awesome new content

Flavour: MEDIUM 🫑 


Do you hate shooting content, despise being on camera & would rather die than record your 394th attempt? 
Well there’s another way... spoiler alert: it’s me

You don’t have to be on camera to create engaging videos!

With typography, colours, shapes, images, textures, movements - we can create literally ✨anything✨ with motion graphics

Choose your fate:

Red Pill - Forgotten with all the thousands of other selfie videos in your feed

Blue Pill - Remembered for the insane visuals that nobody’s ever seen before

Flavour: HOT 🔥 


Take your storytelling to new heights with animation. If you've got the balls, that is...

For too long, animation has been dubbed as something fun for kids… Fun, yes. But just for kids? HELL NO!

Animation is such an underrated form of visual communication and one of the best ways you can engage, educate & entertain your audience and attract dream clients

But not many businesses have the confidence or the skills to really nail it

Imagine being ✨THE✨ brand with bespoke animation content… that’s the recipe to BEING alternative so there is NO alternative, right there 👀

Flavour: EXTRA SPICY 🌶️ 


Spice up your videos with explosive personality and a dash of humour with your very own voice actor!

Video content is on the rise, so you have to work even harder to differentiate your content from the rest!

Say goodbye to boring audio and monotone voiceovers *yawn*. With a voice actor, you will turn your video from average to explosive and be remembered for it!

Accents, impressions, trending voice filters, we can do it all, and really have fun with your content

So if you have a lively brand with an audience who loves to be edutained - voice acting will give you the edge in your niche

Flavour: MEDIUM 🫑 


All things video & animation is done by our Video Content Creator, Jon


Favourite Brand: Adult Swim

Favourite Marketing Campaign: Doritos: Hotel 626

Favourite Advert: Volvic's Tyrannosaurus Alan (2007)

Favourite Animated Movie: Hercules (Disney)

Favourite Coffee Order : Pepsi Max


Choose your flavour:


Hate recording yourself and showing your face on camera?

...but don't wanna miss out on opportunities by not creating video content?

We'll use typography & motion graphics to create 12 super dynamic videos that represent your brand and attract your dream clients!

Flavour: MEDIUM 🫑  to EXTRA SPICY 🌶️


Photos are boring & AI is already oversaturated... whatever happened to personal, bespoke illustrations?

Whether you want a portrait of yourself or a lil mascot for your brand... the only limit is our combined imagination!

P:S: You can even get a 10 second animation of it too 👀 

Flavour: MILD 🍋  to MEDIUM 🫑 


You may not have found ✨ exactly ✨ what you need above, but that doesn't mean I'm not your guy!

Get in touch for all things video, animation, motion graphics & expert consultation! 
The possibilities are endless; the results are explosive

Flavour: MILD 🍋 to EXTRA SPICY 🌶️ 

⚡️ 'Different' doesn't mean 'wrong', it just means 'DIFFERENT' ⚡️ 


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